31 Days of Tarot, Days 4 – 9

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31 Days of Tarot, Day 3

Again, this is a challenge that Ethony puts on every year. I’m chiming in as I can…

Day 3 is my top five oracle decks of 2018.

This one should be pretty easy, since I don’t use oracle decks a whole lot. I think I own four, actually. I only really used two in 2018. Therefore, my two favorite oracle decks in 2018 are:

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Eve Thoughts

Christmas Eve. Already has been a slightly challenging visit with the family. Having to keep my options and reactions in check is ongoing. Our visit here really isn’t that long.

All around the town and in the house, the Christian version of Christmas is strong. And it only reminds me more and more of how far removed I am from that. I have taken such a different path over the past few years and I believe it scares my family that I don’t regularly attend church. I’m sure lots of prayers are said for me.

I drew a card for this post and got the Kings of Blooms, reversed. It is reminding me to check my emotions. This king can be loving, compassionate and caring, but can also be moody and self serving. Try to be generous and patient in these times. People won’t change over night, and that’s okay. Treasure the time together. Merry Christmas everyone. These are tough times, may you find peace.

King of Blooms from the Wooden Tarot.

Well, I Did It

I went to this pride event I guess you could say all ready to read for strangers. I made the sign, I studied like ALL day the day before. I was SCARED. I was so scared. I put the sign on my bag (thanks for the idea Yetta!) and then didn’t have the guts to turn the bag around so people could see the sign. And I sat, and sat and agonized over what to do and why was it so hard..! It felt like I was about to flash them!

Then I thought, “what feels more natural is if I go up to someone and just ask if they’d like a free reading…” and then after some people left, I went to my target. Morgan was my first “customer”. Continue reading “Well, I Did It”

Am I a Witch?

My mom has a long, crooked nose. The crook starts in the middle and the nose bends down from there. It’s pretty intense, and honestly, it’s not very cute.

When I was maybe five or six, it was around Halloween and my mom and I were talking about costumes (I suppose) and I told her she should dress up like a witch because she has the nose for it! I thought it seemed like a logical suggestion and I didn’t mean anything mean by it, but she exploded on me and told her to never EVER call her a witch. Her eyes lit up with a burning fire and she bore this message into my brain. Never ever call mom a witch. I could see that this offended her very deeply and was just as bad as calling her Devil.  Continue reading “Am I a Witch?”